27+ Construction Experience

  • Registered General Building Contractor
  • Registered Electrical Contractor
  • Registered Minor Works Contractor
  • Hong Kong Authorized Signature Associate Member
About us

4 Professional Service Areas

  • Construction Services
  • Marble factory supply and installation services
  • Interior design, planning
  • Electrical, HVAC and plumbers
Our services

3 Major Professional Architectural Qualifications

  • Register in the Construction Industry Council’s scheme
  • ISO 9001, ISO 4001 & ISO 45001
  • Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety Charter
Registration and accreditation

Service provided

Building Maintenance

to help provide techniques for organizing building maintenance Knowledge, able to hire consultants to assist in coordinating maintenance projects. Practical information and support available to properly restore.

Asset Admin

Powerful management and configuration strategies enable us to fully distribute and repair properties.

Other Engineering Projects

Other one-time construction projects tasks, and solve various property problems.


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