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27+ Construction Experience

  • Registered General Building Contractor
  • Registered Electrical Contractor
  • Registered Minor Works Contractor
  • Hong Kong Authorized Members of Associated Companies
  • Member of Hong Kong General Building Contractors Associates
  • Member of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council
  • Member of Hong Kong Authorized Signatory Associates
Who we are

4+ Professional Construction Services

  • construction services
  • Marble Plant Supply and Installation Services
  • interior design, planning
  • Electrical, air conditioning and plumbers
What we offer

3+ Professional Construction Qualifications

  • Register with the Construction Industry Council scheme
  • ISO 9001、ISO 4001 & ISO 45001
  • Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety Charter


Building Maintenance

Help provide technical knowledge in organizing building maintenance, be able to hire consultants, and assist in coordinating maintenance projects. Practical information and support available to properly restore.

Façade/Outdoor Renovation

The structure of buildings/buildings affects the appearance of the city and even creates danger. We help customers solve the problems of building exterior walls.

Design and Environmental Planning

Environmental planning is the process of dealing with the parameters of the surrounding environment when designing a plan, project, policy, building or product.

Clean Energy Consulting and Engineering

Energy efficiency and renewable energy can help the growth of energy demand and achieve the sustainable development of Hong Kong as a whole.

Asset/Construction Management

Strong management and configuration strategies enable us to fully distribute and repair properties.

Other Projects

Other one-time engineering construction tasks, and solving various property problems.

Case Reference?

Success stories and testimonials can be used as a blueprint.


Successful Stories

Public Facilities

Residential Unit

Commercial Projects

Public Facilities Engineering

Building Maintenance

Interior Renovation