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Great building Engineering Co., Ltd., formerly known as Da Jun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., was established in Hong Kong as early as 1995, contracting various projects, and successfully registered with the Buildings Department as a general construction contractor in 2001. In order to ensure project management and construction quality, Jun Hao Construction insists on adopting the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification management system, and requires the company’s employees to complete relevant courses organized by the college approved by the Construction Industry Council to ensure that construction safety and project quality are up to standard.

Junhao Construction has continuously summed up experience, improved and strengthened contracting capabilities, and broadened the nature of business in many aspects during the past 20 years of engineering contracting business. It is determined to become a comprehensive, reliable and A construction engineering and design company with strong strength provides all-round construction engineering services to distinguished customers.

Professional Experience

Maintenance and renovation works
Design and Construction Engineering
Clean Energy Engineering
Asset Management Engineering

SmartGoal Construction currently has the following qualifications:

  • Registered General Building Contractor of Buildings Department (Registration No.: GBC 27/2001)
  • Registered Minor Works Contractor of Buildings Department (Registration No.: MWC 137/2013)
  • Registered Electrical Contractor, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (Registration No.: EMSD 023343)
  • Member of Hong Kong Federation of Construction Contractors (Membership Number: 267)
  • Construction Industry Council Registered Subcontractor (Registration No.: R006229)
  • Authorized Person of Buildings Department (Registration No.: AP(A) 57/88)
  • Hong Kong registered architect (registration number: 0540)

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27+ years Above construction experience



4 Professional Buildings Service Scope


3 majors

3 Majors Building Qualification

The total value of the bidding price of the projects undertaken and in progress exceeds :

HKD 300 million+

Who We Are

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  • Over the past 20 years, he has devoted himself to maintenance, ten years of housing and decades of tenement building renovation, including building structural safety assessment, exterior wall renovation, water pipe replacement and other project projects.
  • Design and construct engineering, plans, projects, policies, or treatment of the surrounding environment
  • Clean energy engineering, energy efficiency and renewable energy can help increase energy demand
  • Years of experience in asset management engineering

Principles of Our Work

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Construction Managment
Facility Maintenance
Mining Infrastructure
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